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moveSF Mobility Series: the Hips

September 17, 2023 | 10:00 am | move-SF

Do you have tight hips? Stretching and stretching to no avail? Our Hip Course is here to help. moveSF owner Matt Tripp will be teaching this amazing 6 week workshop designed to strengthen and improve the mobility and quality of movement of your hips. Matt's 20 years of knowledge and study of stretching, joint mobility, joint strengthening, yoga, bodyweight movement, and breathing have gone into the creation of this unique course. The course combines breath work, joint mobility, stretching and a new lens of strength, focus and intensity to create healthy, mobile, strong hips. There will be 6 in person classes that will run 60-75 minutes. The classes will be available on video later in the day on the same Sunday if one cannot attend. The most crucial class to attend is the first one; please try to make that one. There will be daily required homework. Homework will be approximately 30-45 minutes per day (can be spread out). **Please note, without performance of the daily homework, the benefits will be extremely limited** Open to all levels. If you are in Physical Therapy or have a hip injury, please consult your PT or physician before taking the course. Cost: $199 Course Dates, Sundays at 10am: September 17 September 24 October 1 October 8 October 15 October 22