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Hip workshop

January 11, 2023 | 7:45 pm | move-SF

move-SF owner Matt Tripp will be teaching this amazing 12 session, 6 week workshop designed to strengthen and improve the mobility and quality of movement of your hips. Matt's 20 years of knowledge and study of stretching, joint mobility, joint strengthening, yoga, and bodyweight movement have gone into the creation of this unique course. The course combines breath work, joint mobility, stretching and a new lense of strength, focus and intensity to create healthy, mobile, strong hips. A minimum attendance of 9 of the classes is required, and there will be daily homework. Open to all levels. Dates: January 11, Wednesday 7:45pm; January 18, Wednesday 7:45pm; January 21, Saturday 1pm; January 25, Wednesday 7:45pm; January 28, Saturday 1pm; February 1, Wednesday 7:45pm; February 4, Saturday 1pm; February 8, Wednesday 7:45pm; February 11, Saturday 1pm; February 15, Wednesday 7:45pm; February 22, Wednesday 7:45pm; February 25, Saturday 1pm;