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About us

move-SF was created and founded by owner Matt Tripp in 2012. Originally located in Lower Pacific
Heights, where we were open from May of 2012 until March of 2020. The original location closed due to
the Pandemic. We re-opened on March 1 of 2022 in our current Russian Hill location.

move-SF offers SF’s best Group Fitness classes, which are unique to our studio. We are a wholly inclusive space, which includes people of all fitness levels and abilities. We truly want you to “do you” at
move-sf, which means that you work out at the level best suited for you on that day.

The classes at move-SF are designed so that all levels of fitness can be in the same class, and so that
everyone will be challenged appropriately. Rather than just making you tired, our classes make you fitter
and better. We preach quality of movement, as quantity without quality lends to a less effective workout
and a higher risk of injury.

All of our instructors are certified Personal Trainers, and have undergone training and coaching from our founder, Matt Tripp. Our Instructors are amongst the best in San Francisco.